Do you want to take your training to a new level? Are you currently being held back by injury or limitations? Read on…

Jenny Zaremba brings a variety of experiences to coaching:

She qualified for the GB age-group triathlon team for World Championships and European Championships. So she knows what it takes.

She has been a Non-Executive Director for Commonwealth Games England, which works with elite athletes and coaches across 21 sports. This included the highly successful Birmingham 2022 games.

She has completed long endurance events – Ironman Triathlons with a podium at Outlaw, and ultra-marathons (including back-to-back Comrades in the heat of the South African sun), over 25 marathons, and also major open-water swimming events.

She had a career-ending accident which led to 8 general anaesthetics and surgeries. She has worked with some of the UK’s leading clinicians, physios and psychologists on rehabilitation and says ‘Rock Bottom did indeed teach me more than Mountain Tops’. She is one of the leaders of the co-produced ‘Footsteps Festival’ – a revolutionary online resource bringing together healthcare professionals, those with lived experience, and carers to enable people to find their path to living well with persistent pain.

She studied Chemistry with Pharmacology – so has a geeky interest in physiology, hormones and data analytics. On top of this, she actively studies sports psychology – to enable athletes to bring together physicality and mentality on race day.

Jenny is an accredited British Triathlon and England Athletics Running coach, and through the work after her accident became a Personal Trainer specialising in Corrective Exercise. Her areas of active study and personal development are sports psychology, movement patterns, endurance performance for masters athletes, and successful management of menopause for female athletes.

Jenny has worked with athletes of all levels. She has been a race organiser, parkrun Run Director, Breeze bike lead to get women on their bikes, mountain bike rider, track rider, guide for visually impaired athletes and support athlete for para-triathletes. She passionately believes that sport is for all, and that for many it can be a really important part of managing the day-to-day stresses to fit into an overall life where each person can thrive.